Sailor Moon Darien

Serena with-

Darien. They are having their wedding.

Mars bathingsuit

Raye with-

Luna. They're at the beach.


Lita with-

a student. He got attacked by a bad guy.

sailor Venus

Mina with-

Serena. A flash back of when Serena told Mina how happy she was to meet her.


Amy with-

her classmates. She's about to prove she is a super-brain.

jupiter and neptune

Michelle with-

Lita. They're transformations are getting drained.

Uranus and Saturn

Amara with-

Hotaru. She is protecting her.

Sailor Saturn

Hotaru with-

Herself (younger version.) Saturn is waking up herself to warn Sailor Moon about the crisis.

Haruka Michiru Sailor Uranus Neptune

Michelle with-

Amara. Amara was in the hospital because of injuries. 

Helios and Sailor Mini Moon

Rini with-

Helios. They love each other (but Rini won't admit it.)

Sailor Pluto

Trista with-

Serena. They are having girl bonding time and are laughing over a joke.